Jewel of Nepal

A rare and unique royal herb. A gift from the mountains to mankind.

About Yarchagumba

Cordyceps Sinensis is a rare caterpillar fungus, which is only found in the high altitude of the Himalayan ranges in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. The rare organism has many benefits for health, and the one found in Dolpa, is considered the, “Jewel of Nepal.”
About Yarchagumba


Continuous exposure to stress in this modern age poses great threat to the human immune system by releasing inflammatory signals to the body and organs. Yarchagumba attempts to revolutionize the alcoholic beverage industry by bringing this product, which also offers properties similar to the “winter worm” or “summer grass.”

Health Benefits of

Improves your immunity

Raise resistance to diseases

Enhances libido

Strengthens heart, liver,
kidney and lung

Anti-aging (Antioxidant)


Inspired by Ancient Ayurveda

In ancient Ayurvedic practice, many of the herbs used for medicinal purposes have self-generating alcoholic properties. In Ayurveda, “madya” (alcohol) is a base used to help the medicinal properties of traditional herbs absorb faster into the bloodstream. Furthermore, the alcohol base increases the shelf-life of the products. Yarchagumba brings modern technological processes and old Himalayan traditions together to create Yarchagumba Beverage, an incredible combination of ancient wisdom, new innovation and the wonders of nature.


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