Why Yarchagumba

Continuous exposure to stress in this modern age poses great threat to the human immune system by triggering inflammatory signals to the mind and body. Yarchagumba attempts to revolutionize the alcoholic beverage industry by offering properties similar to the “winter worm” or “summer grass”, which are highly therapeutic in a stressful environment.

It boosts immunity, stamina and overall well being.
It is useful in curing asthma, cancer and regulating blood pressure.
It strengthens the body, reduces stress and enhances sexual performance.
It works as Ambrosia and Aphrodisiac.

What makes Yarchagumba Special ?

Our Golden Sapphire and Blue Sapphire both contain Yarchagumba in its purest form. There are no added colours in our beverage, the golden hue of our drink comes from the natural colors of the herbs used in the making of the drink. We do not use any artificial flavours or colors to enhance the drink. Each bottle is crafted with traditional and technological know-how, making it the first of its kind beverage in world.