Our Story

Nepal is blessed with great culture, terrain and biodiversity. A Himalayan country with great altitude diversity, it has a variety of plants as low as 60 metres above sea level in the Terai region, as well as many unique herbs in the pinnacles of the great himalayan trail over 8000 metres. Due to its rich biodiversity, Nepal is home to over 200 species of aromatic plants and 700 species of medicinal plants that offer a variety of health benefits which can be utilized to improve the quality of life.

Tracing Yarchagumba Roots

  • Cordyceps Sinensis was discovered about 1500 years ago in Tibet by nomadic Herdsmen.

  • The first Chinese emperor used this medicinal herb as a tonic for longer life.
  • It is believed that many Chinese athletes consumed these herbs regularly and held many world records.

The Process

Handcrafted sustainable luxury

The preparation of Yarchagumba involves a complex and lengthy process.The process usually requires a high level of skills and expertise in medicinal herbs and leveraging state of the art technology. This is the first of it’s kind beverage, sourced and manufactured in Nepal.

Unique herbs that grow over 3000 metres in the high altitude of Nepal are hand picked, dried and ground to make an extract which is then mixed with water and alcohol and fermented. Our Yarchagumba beverage is a handcrafted product that goes through a lengthy process of extracting the good properties of the high altitude herbs into our beverage.

Yarchagumba Heritage

Cordyceps Sinensis commonly known as the “caterpillar fungus.” In Nepal, the best place to harvest Cordyceps Sinensis is Dolpa, a remote district in western Nepal. The high steep valleys, and the dry climate of Dolpa makes it one of the foremost areas to collect high quality yarchagumba when compared to other places in the himalayan region.

With the latin name, Cordyceps Sinensis, Yarchagumba, is also called “winter worm” and “summer grass”. Ancient texts call this a “faultless treasure” which removes “prana diseases” and is a “marvelous medicine”. It is believed to have medicinal benefits for respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. Yarchagumba is known to enhance Oxygen utilization and cellular oxygen uptake, improving the respiratory function for better energy levels. 

Unique Logo & Packaging

The Yarchagumba Logo is a concept inspired by ancient vedic practice. The “Y” represents the human body, and the yarchagumba wrapped around the body signifies the many health benefits Cordyceps Sinensis has for the functions of the human body. The circle represents infinity and the continuous cycle of life. The bottle itself is also inspired by the shape of the human body, with a square top and round bottom resembling the upper torso of a human body. It is a unique style of bottling that stands out in the national and international market.

Our Team

Everest Herbs Processing Pvt. Ltd has been producing Yarchagumba based products since 1997. Mr. Laxman Shrestha is the founder of the company and continues to be at the helm as the Chairman. Mr. Govind Agarwal and Mr. Bisu Goenka have joined the efforts to reposition the company and products since 2017. Mr. Agarwal leads the international business development vertical and engages with potential B2B partners to enhance the global business of Yarchagumba Beverages. Mr. Goenka is focused on innovation and R&D and applies his knowledge of science and ancient ayurveda to work on different variants of the Beverage.